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The Compton Chronicles is a new feature on the R&RRH scene.  It is a chronicle of back in the day Compton and all of the exploits and foibles that can be remembered and shared.  Enjoy!

Compton Chronicles

Mission Statement
Something’s happening here… and what it is is an attempt by those who came straight outa the Compton of the ‘60s to document in written, graphic, photographic, and recorded form the essence of those heady times.   Although it was a culture and a scene influenced by literature, philosophy, spare change, crash pads, oatmeal, brown rice, consciousness expansion, spirituality, and outlandish humor, it was the music from both the times and the town itself that most defined the continuum.  The process of gathering testimony as to the anecdotal behaviors in question will, no doubt, initially tax the collective recall of those participating in the journey.  But as submissions begin to arrive and the repository becomes available technologically to all involved, memories will jog and muses will take seats at the table.  It will be as a flower unfolding… a dream in a constant state of becoming.  It should also prove quite hilarious!

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Be Happy, Stay Groovy
Way to go, Doug, for taking a stand!  Life is too good to waste on long government hours when you don’t need to.  So, Be Happy, Stay Groovy and we’ll see you on the water.
-Your Highness Zen N ~ Mistress of Don Marco de Napa    
8:58 am pst 

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Hey everybody!
Hey everybody!
I am getting serious about not being serious. I was off two weeks trying to keep my foot up in the air after a bunionectomy.  Very painful, the first time I remember feeling truly stabbing pain, just like a knife.  I didn’t or couldn’t even get high on Percocet.  Anyway, during this time just sitting around the boat reading, watching TV and contemplating opened me up to just what I have been doing with my life.  I decided then to 1-stop therapy which I seem to have been doing in one form or another all my life. 2-stop smoking for real.  3-retire this fall.  Actually retire June 1 and work full time as an annuitant until the middle of October when I am  4-going to Mexico on my boat.  I will stay down there for at least two months and then probably come back, leaving the boat there or coming back in it, to work some more as an annuitant (I can work about 6 months out of the year at my full pay scale as well as collect retirement.  I need the money for Karl’s school).  The # 5 is to stop chasing women, not to be unavailable but to let them come to me for a change.  Karl is really getting off on his school.  He is already making a short film with a few of his buddies—filmed on the BART with a fake gun.  It feels really good to see him get so involved.  As for the rest of me  I am learning how to be alone. 
6:59 pm pst 

Paris is sick!
I was once in Paris...France that is...for an afternoon, night, and morning...It was in the 1990's I do recall...All I remember is a quick train ride from the ancient sidewalk cafe...good sex that night and a brief sunrise service with my lovely companion was sick.
You are my brothers,
-Terence de Paonia
5:17 pm pst 

Paris Qui!
Hey WebMaster-->Take ME to Paris!
-Nadine Willoughby/Admin Support Tech/County Executive Office
5:10 pm pst 

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