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The Compton Chronicles is a new feature on the R&RRH scene.  It is a chronicle of back in the day Compton and all of the exploits and foibles that can be remembered and shared.  Enjoy!

Compton Chronicles

Mission Statement
Something’s happening here… and what it is is an attempt by those who came straight outa the Compton of the ‘60s to document in written, graphic, photographic, and recorded form the essence of those heady times.   Although it was a culture and a scene influenced by literature, philosophy, spare change, crash pads, oatmeal, brown rice, consciousness expansion, spirituality, and outlandish humor, it was the music from both the times and the town itself that most defined the continuum.  The process of gathering testimony as to the anecdotal behaviors in question will, no doubt, initially tax the collective recall of those participating in the journey.  But as submissions begin to arrive and the repository becomes available technologically to all involved, memories will jog and muses will take seats at the table.  It will be as a flower unfolding… a dream in a constant state of becoming.  It should also prove quite hilarious!

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Compton Chronicles "More Jerry's Bar-B-Q"
We all must have lived at the time of Neandethal Man to have prices like that.  We could have bought a Dinner at Jerry's for what we pay for a single donut today.  We've finally figured out what that cliche, "the good old days" means.  
Anyone want to do it all over again?  
-Guila  Hales  82707
4:00 pm pdt 

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